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Make a bold statement with this Brutalist architectural style black 3D Printed, textured brass ring. Lightweight enough to be comfortable yet weighty enough to feel like a quality piece of wearable art. The fins are made from brass, which are hand textured and protected with a hard cured clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing.

3D printed in a great durable, lightweight material with an almost leather look texture called SLS Nylon. Its then coloured in matt black with a skin safe dye, then a brushed finished brass accent piece, with a clear lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing, is added by hand in my workshop. The shank has a slight gap to allow for slight flexibility in size by about 1/2 ring size.

The bollard measures 50mm x 15mm  x 15mm – height in total from top of finger with brass fins approx 22mm

Medium measures  –   Made to Order

Large measures   –  Temporarily out of stock

Size small – Temporarily out of stock

Care Instructions: Whilst SLS Nylon is a fairly robust material, it can mark if scratched abrasively and isn’t unbreakable if due care is not taken. It has been dyed with a fabric dye which is penetrated approximately 2/3mm into the Nylon, however it is advisable to keep it away from any chemicals including household cleaning products or any skin products. Clean gently with a damp soft cloth and let dry naturally, nylon is water resistant in its raw form but the dye may slightly fade if scrubbed harshly.

Brass is free of lead, nickel & cadmium.

This ring is usually made to order so please allow approximately 2 weeks but please email me for more accurate timescales





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