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Feel the tribal vibe with this modern piece of wearable sculpture. The 3D print has an almost leather like texture with an embossed brand logo and the brass catches the light because of its random brush stroke type marks made by hand, which are then lacquered for protection from tarnishing. The double pin is hinged though the considered tube, which is part of the 3D print, & is made from stainless steel for strength and longevity – it holds the brooch in place beautifully.

This brooch has been CAD designed in-house and 3D printed in a great durable, lightweight material called SLS Nylon. Its then coloured in a matt black with a skin safe dye with brushed finished lacquered brass accents and a stainless steel double pin.

It measures approximately 95mm  x 78mm circle diameter x 13mm deep with pin closed.

Care Instructions: Whilst SLS Nylon is a fairly robust material, it can mark if scratched abrasively and isn’t unbreakable if due care is not taken. It has been dyed with a fabric dye which is penetrated approximately 2/3mm into the Nylon, however it is advisable to keep it away from any chemicals including household cleaning products or any skin products. Clean gently with a damp soft cloth and let dry naturally, nylon is water resistant in its raw form but the dye may slightly fade if scrubbed harshly.

Brass is lead, nickel and cadmium free.

This is usually made to order so please allow approximately 7-10 days but if you’re on a deadline email me sales@elsiem.co.uk

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