Month: February 2015

Skill Development

Hey jewellery lovers…..I thought I’d explain why I haven’t listed a great deal of new designs recently, in case you were wondering!

I have been busy learning a new skill, to add to my modest list of talents, the art of silversmithing to enable me to take my jewellery making to another level. I’m so excited and eager to learn all there is to know about this craft. Whist I already work with metals, it’s in the form of wire and is bonded together in other forms rather than soldered which I have found recently to have restricted my ever progressing design ideas.I am being taught by an extremely creative, skilled and knowledgeable silver / goldsmith Simon Rees who is well respected with in the industry with his own Jewellers shop (Number Ninety Four) in London and 35 years’ invaluable experience. I’m learning from one of the best so there should be no stopping me once I learn enough to apply the skill to my design ideas, creating stunning, contemporary wearable silver and in the future gold… rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces for you lovely people to wear.

In the meantime, in between my masterclasses, using my current skill set, I am working on a new collection incorporating a different material into my wire and gemstone designs….Leather!  Not just your ordinary looking leather either…..stunning coloured, metallic coated and textured leather are being used to create some unique eye catching pieces. I’m really enjoying expressing my ideas and inspirations into these designs and will be launching them very soon for you all to see!

Thank you for your on-going support and love of my work and very much hope you like what’s to come….enjoy