Month: July 2014

To the discerning jewellery lover

I have loved jewellery for as long as I can remember, been a designer in other disciplines for all of my adult life and I feel very fortunate at the ripe mid age of 40 to be in a position were I have been able to take the time to learn the art and skill of jewellery making. It started as a hobby about a year ago after discovering a jewellery making TV programme ¬†and I was hooked line and sinker from the start. They not only have a shopping channel but share jewellery making skills and tips through their resident and guest designers, live and on You Tube, inspiring people to create and encouraging them to buy their quality goods and beautiful genuine gemstones at really affordable prices. I’m obviously not saying that they are the only inspiration in the world of jewellery making as there are many more but have been a big influence in my journey to becoming a costume jewellery designer / maker.

I personally love and wear contemporary pieces of jewellery, so after starting out designing and making mainly antique bronze vintage style necklaces and bracelets, I have naturally veered towards simple silver pieces, mostly enhancing them with gemstones and I will be moving my skill set on towards art clay silver and gold/silver smithing in the future. I love and appreciate all types and styles of jewellery but my opinion is that most of the time a simple, wearable and modest design will win the prize.

The learning process of jewellery making has come quickly and easily for me but to be honest the selling and marketing of it is a whole new world! There is a huge market for jewellery and the competition is tough, especially with manufactured costume jewellery from the east but I am confident that there is a place in that vast market for my unique handmade designs. I am quickly realising that customers need reassurance that the jewellery they want to buy is genuine, good quality and unique and to feel a personal relationship (albeit virtual) with the creator…..which is why I thought that writing these short(ish) blogs may help build that trust and relationship with my potential customers, your opinions on that would be welcomed. Its a slow and steady start for me but I hope to grow my passion filled business to its full potential where every discerning jewellery lover will NEED an elsie.m jewellery piece in their life!

….so watch this space.

Lorraine _ Designer and owner of elsie.m Jewellery Design

Lorraine Mitchell Hitt 2